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Even better, and just to show that buses come in threes, and all of our disasters will happen simultaneously.

"The cost of pollution and other damage to the natural environment caused by the world's biggest companies would wipe out more than one-third of their profits if they were held financially accountable, a major unpublished study for the United Nations has found."

Oh come on capitalism, you're just not trying hard enough. If the profit motive is everything, surely we could have more profit, even if at the cost of more pollution and environmental damage.

Nasty, stupid, short-sighted parasite damaging the host: no wonder humans are lined up for extinction. After, of course, we've killed off everything else first. Except the cockroaches, obviously.

Bliss. Let us now celebrate humans: stupid, polluting, and far too many of 'em. Let us praise their ability to foul their own nest. I'm sure we can do worse if we try just a little harder. We could all go out and kill something rare to prove our ascendency. Or pour oil over a beach. Or drop nasty chemicals into a river.

It must be obvious that we could do a bit more. Not much it must be said, but just that little bit of extra effort that will lead inexorably to extinction. After all, if you've built the system to do it as a by product, it would be a shame to waste the opportunity.
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The Master of Balliol College, Andrew Graham, who is an economist, has written an article in today's Guardian:

wherein he accuses the would-be instant deficit slashers of ignoring the risks of a double-dip recession.

There was also good news for tax-exiles:

And some interesting commentary on the US economy and its relationship with China:

If we do have a double dip recession which then continues into a worldwide depression, I'm going out on a limb and putting my money on this becoming the 'end of capitalism' crisis: because the transferral of wealth from the workers to the entrepreneurs and fat-cat capitalists only works in a democracy as long as the workers are complicit in the exchange.

So, either capitalism will have to go, or democracy.

Of course, the conjoined twins of capitalism and democracy could be rescued, but that would mean that the voters acquiesced to it: and they're just not going to do that if Bankers are paying themselves huge bonuses, while the workers look for jobs on much-reduced welfare.

This is what happens when ordinary folk see through the magic trick: it no longer becomes magic.

The upper classes of all nations have feathered their nests with no regard to the ordinary folk around them. They have avoided taxation as something fit only for the workers and the middle-classes, using non-residence as an excuse. If this loophole is closed to them, because all the rest of the world-in-recession will think of them similarly, then there will be nowhere civilised for them to flee to.

Somalia, your time has come.
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Ah....some of the profiteering is starting to come out:

Though it is always the small scale operations that get caught: the sophisticated ones will carry on regardless.

A quote from the article:

"AEY's contract was approved weeks later in January 2007, and Diversoli began scouring the globe for suppliers. Diversoli turned to Albania, which had large weapons dumps. However, the Times reported that the firm ended up paying for Kalashnikov rounds that was so obsolete and unsafe that the US and Nato were funding programmes to see them safely destroyed."

This means the US has paid for that ammunition twice: once to buy, and once to destroy.
Good use of taxpayer's dollars.

Don't you love carpetbaggers...but the big boys will avoid inspection: I reckon, so let's not make a scapegoat of a chap just trying to exercise the old 'entrepreneurial' talent. With luck Efraim Diversoli has made his money, despite the main players having most of the other contracts 'stitched up', as I believe the phrase to be.
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I quote from the Catholic encyclopedia of 1912 on usury and interest.

But surely this is capitalism?



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