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More releases of information about double-dealing in the Middle-East in very recent history. If true...
Anyway, here's the gen:,,2093284,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=12

Oh dear. If true, what the fuck were the Palestinians doing? And why at Shin Beit's behest?
The mendacity and idiocy of all those responsible is beyond belief.
Imprison them all: the PLO, Shin Beit, Hamas, The Israeli Army, Fatah, the whole damn lot of 'em, and let ordinary folk live in peace.
Bastards, every one of them.
This makes me want to believe in Hell and eternal damnation.
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As an update Prof Jones discussed the problems he comes across when teaching students with Islamic backgrounds. 

"To a man and to a woman, there are parts of science they will not accept. 
That means that, in their early lives, they have been told deliberate lies by people who, I'm sure, know they are deliberate lies. I don't care how charming they are, I don't care how pleasant they are, these people are evil.

Now to my mind, these islamic folk ain't the only ones who can't belive in science either. Vide fundamentalist Christianity, who also go around inculcating their kids with nonsense in the name of faith.
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For some reason or other this makes me happy.;_ylt=Ai8RCQ2ge90mxOTtjIyqq8GEDvII

At least the lines are being drawn and now we all know where we stand.
The non-rational can no longer use Gödel's incompleteness I & II as an excuse.
There is just no way that in an universal flood, a representative breeding pair of every known species in the world could have fitted onto a small boat the dimensions of which are laid out in Genesis. (450ft long with a gross volume of some 1.5 million feet, considerably less than required to have repopulated the world with reasonable genetic diversity after the deluge.) One also wonders how the exotic species that exist only in locations hugely distant from the ark could have made a journey across oceans and continents. How do the wombats manage to travel to get into the Ark? Or the Koalas, or the Possums. Never mind. I'm not entirely certain that specimens of every land based arthropod could be fitted into such a small space, but...I'm sure someone will prove me wrong.
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I post the BBC News report on the latest analysis from Chatham House:

Oh well, we all learn eventually, or die.
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Been invited to join or express an interest in (or something) six_degrees_of_deception. So I have. No idea what it's about or if someone's claiming I'm not quite on the level (to use a Masonic metaphor - though I'm not a Mason). Think it might be a pressure non-group worried about LJ's social contract.
Rousseau it ain't, neither Locke.
We'll see what transpires. If they 'contact' me again, I'm sure I'll find out more. If, however, they're utter loonies who are all about personal grudges...well to quote Sam Goldwyn 'include me out'.
Or am I being deceived, and they're giving me a hint?
Gods alone know.
But I'm sure I can play games with the best of 'em.


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