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That's one betting slip I can tear up then. So much for my vaunted  ability to predict the future. My augeries have let me down. Next time it's goat's entrails: enough of the birds flying from left to right and all that Roman jazz.
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Ah well, off to vote. Then I shall breakfast at the French Cafe while reading my newspaper.

I think SWMBO voted LibDem, but I've refrained from asking her: it would be like reading your wife's mail, which surely is the mark of a cad. I, on the other hand, shall vote for Shrek: and not because I like fat green ogres with Scots accents, merely because I see no viable alternative that, having voted for, I could live easily with my conscience.
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About to take Felix for lunch. We'll have to see what he thinks about the election, but it is likely to be, um, interesting. 
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I was going to post about my thoughts and feelings about the upcoming election, and then I read Stephen Fry's Blog. He says it all so much better than I. Nevertheless I still feel, though I will personally opt for Fry's Election Choice no.1, that my bet on the Tories having a small majority is safe.

There was a time when Sir Alex Ferguson almost got the sack from Manchester United. An FA Cup win saved his job. Gordon may have the ability, like Fergie, to do the job in times of trouble: but I doubt if a cup win is going to come to his rescue, or collectively speaking, the UK PLC's.

Never mind, Man Utd's debt, like that of the UK, is unsustainable at present levels, and needs some restructuring. As a Spurs fan (born in the year they did the double) this shouldn't bother me, excepting football is generally better for there being a Man Utd.

When Dave and the new lads get in on Friday, if asked by anyone, I would have some simple words of advice: get the loonies under control and quickly. Make sure your Chief Whip has balls of steel. Get the backwoodsmen and shire Tories to bark to order, not roam ferally in packs. Stifle discontent immediately. And listen, above all, listen to your senior civil servants. They've been in place for longer than anyone; and many, if not most, are reasonably sympathetic to your cause, especially if they can foist any cuts on to other departments. But the cuts will come whomsoever gets into office and they are realist enough to know this.

Know your limits, and by extension, our limits. As a rule, the UK is following the United States in having the patience and attention span of a mayfly: we cannot see beyond our noses or the next week's television.

Also know that there are some Bolshie types who will keep an eye on you, reporting back on all your policy decisions, and casting them into the worst light possible. And I guess I'll be one of 'em if my augerous cynicism is working properly. If things get worse, they'll blame you. If the inequalities in the system become even more obvious, they'll blame you. If crime goes up, it will be your fault.

Actually, I'll try to keep unprejudiced in my judgements: but I will watch this incoming Tory government like a hawk, or perhaps a falcon, turning and turning in the widening gyre as the poet said.
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Of course, it all goes to show that what we are really going to need is a government of national unity. It has happened before here.
(You have to scroll down a bit to come to the UK's entry.)

Some fucking hope.
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The IMF, who previously have suggested a wonderful thing to do with a Banking tax or twain, have weighed into the political debate inadvertently.

So according to the IMF, who would have to be called in to bail us out should things go tits-up in the way of Greece (which according to Professor Joseph Stiglitz is hugely unlikely) our economy is too weak to start the cuts/tax rises until 2011. Which is what both Labour and the Lib-Dems say.

Gawd bless the Tories, hey.

I'm sorry to all you folk who want change for its own sake: but from my limited economic understanding, Brown and Darling are making more sense than the rest of 'em. Of course, we'll vote in the disaster of the Tories nevertheless.


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