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Oh, what I wouldn't give for an uninterrupted five four hours sleep. I do believe Madame feels much the same.

Perhaps next month.

When he's twenty I shall tease young Henry about many things: the number of attractive women taking his clothes off and peering at him intently; the nature of babies' explosive poo; the finicky and pernickety dining habits of the very young; and regurgitation as a form of ad hoc criticism for those yet to discover language. Nevertheless, without teasing or jest, I shall try to convey to him the sheer awfulness of doing without sleep for any length of time.

I'm planning how to guilt-trip the poor lad good and proper. It's not just boarding school that gives a young person a deformed psyche: it's the parents demanding their pound of flesh too. But I paraphrase the poet, Larkin. What Larkin misses in the process is the glee involved on the parents' part. :)
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We have been rather overwhelmed by the kindness of our friends.

So many of them have given young Henry gifts of various kinds we have been writing thank you letters when our other duties have left us time.

Henry is well, and in lusty voice. He complains vigorously when any of his perquisites are interfered with; or when he perceives either of us tardy in attending to his needs. SWMBO doesn't approve of boarding schools, so there may be some small debate when he gets to an age (about eleven or so) when such a decision will have to be made; however I shall be in my sixties by then, and reining in a young man on the verge of adolescence may be rather more trying for me than it would be now. However I shall endeavour to give Henry the choice, but if there is a local school which has the right characteristics for whatever abilities or otherwise Henry exhibits I suppose we shall opt for it.

Winchester would still be an ideal, but may be beyond my ability to argue for. Anyway, I hope that whatever he wishes, we will accomodate him therein.

Of course, I would want him to be captain of England at cricket, an accomplished musician, and a classical scholar: but I will be happy as long as he is happy. If he is going to be a street-sweeper, I hope he will be a good one, and content to boot.

Life has become interesting. It is certainly novel to no longer be the most important character in my life's narrative. But that's all right, I suppose, as it goes.

Go well and do good things.
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Fred's waters broke at 5.30pm yesterday.

She was delivered of a baby boy by c-section at 10.31pm. Henry weighed in at 7 3/4lbs.

I got back to Dulwich at 3.30am. It is now almost 9am and I'm due back in the Hospital.

Go well and do good things.


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