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Am going to Highdown tearooms this week, and will report back.
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I'm going to try to stop cluttering up all my chums'  'friends pages'. Normally I just write away and post; and the stream of idiocy carries on for lines uncounted. I either have to edit better (at all would be good), or learn how to use the tools at my disposal, and hide most of the text behind the 'cut'.
Forgive me if you've been on the receiving end of all this blather.
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Spoke to Louis today.
He called me back. I'd left a message of commiseration on his answerphone. Told him about Dad, which he hadn't known about.
Will call him again in the New Year. We have lots to talk about.
Chris and Carol's for lunch. 
As usual, C & C very hospitable and kind. Chris promised me footage of Dad's 80th birthday, which he videod - he'll burn a dvd for me, from which I can make further copies for any who so wish. Good lad that.
I'd like everyone to have a happy New Year.

Fingers crossed.

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Happy Christmas (or holiday of your choice and culture).
If it's proper for you to do, eat, drink and be merry.
If not, then do what is proper to the best of your ability, and with the appropriate feeling in your heart.
Be kind and generous if you have to deal with trying relatives.
Be patient with the young, for whom this is a special time.
But bearing all this in mind: do not neglect yourselves. Feed the inner person.

Grace be with you all.


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