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[ profile] bord_du_rasoir  posted this link on [ profile] politicartoons  which I thought I should share with folk as it is both lucid and elegant. It gives us a clear idea of the difference between a law of nature and a theory.

For the full context of the debate and explanation it's here:

Which starts off with a crack at Christine O'Donnell (admittedly a bit like shooting fish in a barrel) and proceeds from there.
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As an update Prof Jones discussed the problems he comes across when teaching students with Islamic backgrounds. 

"To a man and to a woman, there are parts of science they will not accept. 
That means that, in their early lives, they have been told deliberate lies by people who, I'm sure, know they are deliberate lies. I don't care how charming they are, I don't care how pleasant they are, these people are evil.

Now to my mind, these islamic folk ain't the only ones who can't belive in science either. Vide fundamentalist Christianity, who also go around inculcating their kids with nonsense in the name of faith.
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Someone needs to give Martin, Lord Rees (the Astronomer Royal) a gentle talking to of the nicest kind: has he been listening too much to Tony Blair?,,2089946,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=18

The head of the Royal Society was talking about alliances with the mainstream, and it was at the Hay-on-Wye literary festival, but even so...Thank God for Professor Steve Jones.
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Good old climate change.;_ylt=Ag6Bxj42h_hHlqdVxuwCUE2EDvII

Nice to know that when the next G8 conference comes around that the folks whose houses get blown down in Kansas and Florida (and other states too) will still be exempt from doing anything about it. (this is odd, as the US managed to cut it's CO2 emmissions last year, and could probably continue doing so, with just a little restraint.)
It's been more than ten years since I got on a plane and took a holiday anywhere outside of the English countryside. When it becomes much much more expensive (as it will) fewer folk will afford the luxury of travel. Don't buy that holiday home in Siberia (or Rio), folks, because you won't be able to afford to get to it in fifteen years time.
The era of cheap travel is almost over.
The taxes on air travel are going to (at least) triple in the next ten years. But perhaps not in America.
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For some reason or other this makes me happy.;_ylt=Ai8RCQ2ge90mxOTtjIyqq8GEDvII

At least the lines are being drawn and now we all know where we stand.
The non-rational can no longer use Gödel's incompleteness I & II as an excuse.
There is just no way that in an universal flood, a representative breeding pair of every known species in the world could have fitted onto a small boat the dimensions of which are laid out in Genesis. (450ft long with a gross volume of some 1.5 million feet, considerably less than required to have repopulated the world with reasonable genetic diversity after the deluge.) One also wonders how the exotic species that exist only in locations hugely distant from the ark could have made a journey across oceans and continents. How do the wombats manage to travel to get into the Ark? Or the Koalas, or the Possums. Never mind. I'm not entirely certain that specimens of every land based arthropod could be fitted into such a small space, but...I'm sure someone will prove me wrong.
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If comets, species destruction, and/or climate change interest you take a peek at this:,,2083785,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=18

How much control have we over our environment?
And what do we spend our money on?
Who's running this fucking show?
Please run all that by me again.


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