Mar. 27th, 2008

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'Asylum system 'shameful for UK'

The UK's treatment of asylum seekers falls "seriously below" the standards of a civilised society, a report says. 

Fucking wankers. Real fucking wankers.
The people who have promoted and maintained this despicable state of affairs need a damn good kicking. From the Poujadist semi-fascists at the Home Office to the fucking cunts in the Labour Party who have accepted this policy because they're fascist sympathisers, or because the newspapers will accuse them of being soft on 'immigrants'.
It's about time the rest of us told these people just what they're like: because if they don't recognise that they're fascist racist wankers, they need to be made aware of it. Same with the newspapers that promote 'tougher' lines on asylum seeking.

Any country which sends asylum-seeking dissidents back to Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe's tender mercies forfeits the right to be called civilised.
I used to think better of my country.
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Ah....some of the profiteering is starting to come out:

Though it is always the small scale operations that get caught: the sophisticated ones will carry on regardless.

A quote from the article:

"AEY's contract was approved weeks later in January 2007, and Diversoli began scouring the globe for suppliers. Diversoli turned to Albania, which had large weapons dumps. However, the Times reported that the firm ended up paying for Kalashnikov rounds that was so obsolete and unsafe that the US and Nato were funding programmes to see them safely destroyed."

This means the US has paid for that ammunition twice: once to buy, and once to destroy.
Good use of taxpayer's dollars.

Don't you love carpetbaggers...but the big boys will avoid inspection: I reckon, so let's not make a scapegoat of a chap just trying to exercise the old 'entrepreneurial' talent. With luck Efraim Diversoli has made his money, despite the main players having most of the other contracts 'stitched up', as I believe the phrase to be.


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