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As an update Prof Jones discussed the problems he comes across when teaching students with Islamic backgrounds. 

"To a man and to a woman, there are parts of science they will not accept. 
That means that, in their early lives, they have been told deliberate lies by people who, I'm sure, know they are deliberate lies. I don't care how charming they are, I don't care how pleasant they are, these people are evil.

Now to my mind, these islamic folk ain't the only ones who can't belive in science either. Vide fundamentalist Christianity, who also go around inculcating their kids with nonsense in the name of faith.
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Someone needs to give Martin, Lord Rees (the Astronomer Royal) a gentle talking to of the nicest kind: has he been listening too much to Tony Blair?,,2089946,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=18

The head of the Royal Society was talking about alliances with the mainstream, and it was at the Hay-on-Wye literary festival, but even so...Thank God for Professor Steve Jones.
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For some reason or other this makes me happy.;_ylt=Ai8RCQ2ge90mxOTtjIyqq8GEDvII

At least the lines are being drawn and now we all know where we stand.
The non-rational can no longer use Gödel's incompleteness I & II as an excuse.
There is just no way that in an universal flood, a representative breeding pair of every known species in the world could have fitted onto a small boat the dimensions of which are laid out in Genesis. (450ft long with a gross volume of some 1.5 million feet, considerably less than required to have repopulated the world with reasonable genetic diversity after the deluge.) One also wonders how the exotic species that exist only in locations hugely distant from the ark could have made a journey across oceans and continents. How do the wombats manage to travel to get into the Ark? Or the Koalas, or the Possums. Never mind. I'm not entirely certain that specimens of every land based arthropod could be fitted into such a small space, but...I'm sure someone will prove me wrong.
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I updated my profile, which had been rather perfunctory, and added some things, amongst which was an interest in Theology.
I was born and brought up a Catholic, but am no longer any sort of Christian, but I retain an interest in Theology and Doctrine, if only to repudiate the more lunatic ideas promulgated by the theologians and doctrinal instructors. I'm interested in this for all religions, as this is a major mechanism of congregational control.
However, by the side of my blog has appeared advertising for Bible studies, and born again madness.
I will rant if those particular adverts are not removed. And the rant will make Dawkins look like a Christian apologist. And I will quote Chapter and Verse, showing in as much detail as I can the contradictions in the 'Good Book'. From mistranslations of Hebrew and Greek (The King James is so reliable on this) to the specific borrowing from Mithraic religions (Dec 25th birth of solar deity), Zoroastrianism (dualism - struggle between good and evil), Hinduism (the Trinity), and pagan animism (saints, with attribute and aspect). As for the fundamentalist Christians who believe according to Bishop Usher's timescale, I will point to  Hindu, Egyptian and Babylonian beliefs that date from before the creation of their world in 4004 BC.
The longer the Bible advertising goes on, the more splenetic I shall become, because an interest in Theology doesn't equate with an acceptance of irrational superstitious miracle working. I don't buy lottery tickets - I don't need the delusional aspect of belief to reassure that the universe loves me, because it doesn't. I love the universe, which is a different thing, and one that the religious have confused because of their insecure need to receive love from the all mighty as some form of imaginary external validation.
Give, don't worry about receiving.
The realm of chance is so much bigger than the Christian's poor small god, who from the writings of their prophets, doesn't even approach the infinity described by Georg Cantor as Aleph nul, let alone the description of the universe given us by M-theory.
Any god that's only been around for 6007 years is going to be pretty miniscule in a universe we understand to be 13.5 billion years old.
And by the bye, the Mustard seed does not grow into the biggest tree.

The fucking Christians don't even practice the word of Jesus.
'I say to you, love your enemy. Even the heathen love their fellows.'
Turn the other cheek...
Blessed are the meek
Render unto Caesar is all they can manage.

Mind you, I don't think any better of Islam or Judaism. Or Hinduism as espoused by the BJP.
All religion is run by fucking shits who use their concepts of rightness to promote the murder of 'infidels'.
I sometimes feel like saying 'Kill all the priests and all the Imams and all the Rabbis'.
I'd settle for gagging them all instead.
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The evening when we English Catholics (extremely lapsed in my case) traditionally feel somewhat excluded. Either we can celebrate along with our Proddy fellow-countrymen, by burning poor old Fawkes in effigy, and lighting enough fireworks to fill every A&E unit in the nation, whilst simultaneously secretly wishing that Guy had succeeded and the houses of Parliament had been blown to smithereens, or we can ignore the whole sordid episode.
Notwithstanding global warming, I like bonfires and fireworks. And, actually, am none too proud of my Catholic heritage - most of the time the Church were Fascist murderers anyway*, whether they admit it or not. So might go and light a sparkler or two, deplore the need for violence and torture, and then drink some beer, as I am single and there's no one to complain about it.

Might have to take The Old Man to hospital today. He's not any better really. I've never known him so weak and low. Wish I had some sort of magic wand to wave to make things better. Fingers crossed that it's only temporary.

A singer chum of mine has been on the 'phone pouring out her tales of woe. I will admit it's not just women who treat chaps unfairly, most chaps seem to need a horsewhipping as well. ARgh...other people, as Sartre opined. Whatever happened to honour? (But why does she still emote over the little shit? We do have some tendancy to caress the hand that beats us, but honestly...)
I think I sympathise with Dante's profane lovers: despite their self-dramatising, they at least treated each other with love and courtesy.
I'll take TS Eliot to the hospital and continue trying to get 'Little Gidding' by heart to crown a lifetime's effort, or whatever.

Not enough practice and too many spliffs.

* e.g.
The 1st Crusade and the Massacre of Jerusalem
The 2nd Crusade
The 3rd Crusade
The 4th Crusade and the sacking of Constantinople
The Albigensian Crusade and the Cathar Extermination (Which was more complete than the Nazi's final solution - not a single Cathar escaped with their life.)
The Inquisitions (which is a whole set of chapters listing the crimes, not detailing them)
Alexander VI and his ilk
The burning of heretics (which is all Protestants, as well as any other heretics that could be found - old women with warts, for example)
etc etc.


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