Sep. 22nd, 2017 12:38 pm
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It appears that Madame's operation was successful so far.
Fingers crossed.

And some more good news:


Today looks to be a herald of a small victory for Madame, and one potentially huge one for millions of other folk. Fingers double-crossed.


Sep. 20th, 2017 11:12 am
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Fred has her surgery tomorrow.
Fingers crossed.

She's told the kids she needs to have an operation in hospital and won't be around. Her mum is staying with her in Dulwich. I have the kids over this weekend and from Thursday next. It's all been a bit hectic, and, as with our separation, we've kept the kids in the dark about stuff. Who knew that parenting entailed such subterfuge and moral equivocation? But it seems that some information is best kept on a "need to know" basis, as we protect the kids from stuff they may not need to know if everything works out fine.

Stage 1 (b). Radical surgery and a lymph-node-ectomy, and maybe some radio and chemo. They got it early, thank the gods. Madame of course is caught in the bureaucratic void between private patients and the NHS. They don't talk much to each other. Paperwork isn't shared. Stuff can slip between the cracks. And it's just more hassle when she doesn't need it.

Anyway, I'll know more in the next few days.
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Lots of folk there. Chaps from the Popes sent messages. Lots of musos, folk from Upland Road, and friends and rellies from all around.

We'd talked about putting a band together last year. Instead I moved out to my flat, and Charlie, who was only fifty-three, found he had Cancer. He fought against it, of course. He is survived by his wife and son. May their grief be short, and their memories everlasting.

Also saw someone else pertinent to my life has died. Pertinent to all of our lives, actually.


Honour to Lt Col Stanislav Petrov, and to his memory, and to his shared humanity.
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Those of us whose parents fought in the relevant theatres during the war, or those who had legal relatives who were on the periphery of the Nuremberg Trials heard about some of this stuff. What is amazing is that when the wall came down, this archive wasn't opened up for historical analysis. This may be too little too late.
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Fred, or my ex, or SWMBO... the mother of our children (for which I will never be able to thank her enough despite everything else that has happened) has been diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Everything else gets put on hold now until she's better. If I have time to do anything else I will, but none of the rest of it is important.

May she be cured. May she heal well. May she recover without too much damage. My prayers and thoughts are with her, alongside anything whatsoever I can do for her.
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Not impressed that we have let the Saudi regime get away with kidnapping folk. But I suppose the Saudis are just following Israel's lead.

Now who fancies spending the rest of their lives in a Saudi oubliette?
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Someone more than a jobsworth mindlessly applying rules with no concept of society. Someone with some humanity, and enough empathy to see the best outcome with the smallest intervention.

I hope someone re-imburses Constable Niran Jeyanesan, and that the young man concerned buys him a drink, even if it's only a coffee or a soda.

And I hope that whatever Niran Jeyanesan's sins are (because we all have sins) they are never damaging to his professional life, and are of an order that he can deal with them with self-discipline. I'd guess if he passes the exams, a move up the ranks seems appropriate. If not, he is an example of how good ordinary everyday coppers can be. More like him, please.
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So my old chum Aaron got married yesterday. I was best man, deputising for an unfortunately crocked Steve Asher, who is stuck Down Under and under doctor's orders not to travel. Aaron's whole family pitched up: the Hollywood crowd, consisting of his Dad, Laifun, Thomas, and Alexandra, who was there with her Bulgarian Fiancé, as well as Kate and Josh, Aaron's other siblings from Ted's first marriage.

Aaron married a distant cousin of mine so I was on both sides of the aisle, so to speak.
No dramas at the church; a solid C of E service of the traditional kind.
The reception was held at Aaron's house. Which is an 1890's large family house. Two staircases, bultler's pantry etc. Marquee on the croquet lawn. The wedding band did the gig, so I was on double duty and didn't get off my feet until 2.30am. Fuck-up over money so Aaron and I had to empty a local cashpoint to pay the band. Bit angry with the boss of the wedding band over that one. Never mind. Apperently Alexandra's upcoming nuptials are big news in Bulgaria. She's a very good-looking lass I suppose, and Ted Kotcheff is quite well known in Bulgaria, having some cultural significance and originally hailing from there. Mr K senior is looking a bit frailer than when I last saw him. Young Thomas is taking care of him adroitly. I like Thomas. Apart from the fact he's an exceptional musician and composer, he's also a nice guy. Mr K senior's second family are as cool as the first. First met Thomas at a UK premier of one of his compositions a few years ago. After the band packed up he played half an hour of flawless and beautiful Debussy in the parlour as antidote to the '60's and '70's soul, disco, and pop music that are the standard fare of the wedding band.

However the real stunner yesterday was Celine, who looked unbelievably beautiful. Good on Aaron, making an honest women out of her even if you had to drag her to the altar kicking and screaming... which you didn't, of course, but it still took you fifteen years and two kids to get around to doing it.
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I have access to LJ again.

Now I have to work out if I want access to LJ again. :)


Jun. 27th, 2017 08:19 am
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so this is what comes up when I try to get on to LJ: 

Access Denied

Either you are trying to access a page you do no not have permission to view or your ip address is banned. If you feel this is in error, please email support at webmaster@livejournal.com with the bulleted information below.

  • Client IP:
  • Client User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (iPad; CPU OS 10_3_2 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/603.2.4 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/10.0 Mobile/14F89 Safari/602.1
  • Error code: swlb-403
And that's not just from my iPad. I get the same message on all my devices. I guess Uncle Vlad's minions have decided that I'm not complimentary enough to the old bastard. Oh well.

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So it finally appears that the powers-that-be at LiveJournal have blocked my account and prevented me accessing any of my entries or any of the comms I've been on.

Who knew Uncle Vlad's minions could be so irritated by me (and at a guess many people like me) that they prevented me from participating in debate, or even continuing my much-neglected blog.

What a good time we had, when it still was something.

Of course, if it's just me that's been banned for pointing out how it appears that Uncle Vlad does things, well... such is. I've tried to do my bit against the spread of disinformation and manifest fibbing, and even correct other folk's misinterpretations and misunderstandings, and I guess that doesn't sit too well with some of the people now running LJ.
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 Good article in today's Observer.


But what does it matter? If a few billionaires control us, isn't that what capitalism is all about? At the simplest it reduces to Monopoly with one eventual winner and the rest of us bankrupt.
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We buried Jeremy.
Juan came from Oxford en route to a conference on the continent. Kenton flew down from Glasgow. Sue took the train from Manchester. Jeremy's brothers and extended family all came, as did a number of Jeremy's chums from hospital and many of his musician pals who had played with him over the years. Lots of old faces I hadn't seen in ages.
Everyone celebrated Jeremy's life. We spoke of his generosity and kindness. And of course, the Jeremy stories started to circulate.

Blimey, sometimes mad buggers can say really truthful things elegantly and wittily. 

RIP Jeremy.
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My old chum, Jeremy, aka "Poor Mad Felix" went off the radar about 5 weeks ago. This happens from time to time. The thing about mad folk is sometimes they go AWOL. About three weeks ago, his brothers started to search for him. The police became involved. I wracked my brains but could think of nothing in addition to the information they already had which would have helped the search.

This evening I had a call from Jeremy's brother.

Jeremy's body had been recovered from the river Thames on March 7th. It was identified today by his brothers. Some two weeks beforehand someone had reported seeing someone jumping from one of London's bridges, but no body was recovered. It's taken till now to put all the pieces together to provide Jeremy's family with a body, and a name to the cadaver in the Coroner's fridge.

When he was young he was glorious: brilliant, charismatic, athletic, and the guitarist most likely of my generation to have made a musical difference. It went haywire before he turned twenty.

Dear Jeremy, may Vishnu gather you into the world past the circles of the earth, and beyond the cycle of birth and rebirth; and may you repose in the breast of Brahma.
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I saw the Glam Ex today for the first time in years. She came over for guitars and catch-up chatting.

I always did like her. But then again she looks like a combination of the best bits of Audrey Hepburn and Gina Lollobrigida. It is easy to see why I was smit. And still am rather, despite everything.

She still has her Senegalese partner who is half her age. And nine feet tall. So should she visit again I don't think I'll mention how beautiful she is in anything other than a completely dispassionate way.
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Now this is from 1993, some twenty-three and a bit years ago. One sincerely hopes the leopard has changed his spots.


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